How to Use Facebook Audience Insights: A Beginner’s Guide

Facebook Audience Insights is a standout amongst the most dominant scientific apparatuses available to you – that is, on the off chance that you realize how to utilize it.

Gotten to through Facebook Ads Manager, Audience Insights is allowed to utilize and gives a gigantic measure of statistic and social information about your group of onlookers and that of your rivals.

This apparatus was made to empower publicists to focus on their advertisements all the more successfully, however you can utilize this device to find out about your group of onlookers, regardless of whether you are not promoting to them. This information can enable you to improve your general Facebook showcasing technique, including more grounded purchaser personas, additionally convincing substance, and progressively shrewd focused research.

This information originates from two primary sources:

  1. Self-detailed Facebook information: This is the data given by clients when they fill in their profile data, including age, sexual orientation, relationship status, work title, area, Page Likes, and so on.

2. Outsider information accomplices: Information, for example, family unit pay, buying conduct, and home estimation is likewise accessible through outer organizations that coordinate that information to Facebook client IDs. It is significant this data is accessible for U.S. groups of onlookers.

At Zazzle, we utilize this information all an opportunity to help work out more grounded substance methodologies. So in this post, we’re going to give you a review of how Facebook Audience Insights functions and give you tips on utilizing it in your promoting.

To get to this device, basically head to your Facebook Ads administrator and snap on ‘Group of onlookers Insights’ in the left-hand menu.

To investigate the device, track with the means beneath.

Stage 1: Choose your gathering of people.

When you first open Audience Insights, you will probably be incited to choose a group of people to begin. (Note: This is only a brief – you can change your answer later.)

The alternatives here are:

  • Everybody on Facebook: This gives you a review of the entire of Facebook (Note: It defaults to U.S., anyway you can change this later on). This ought to be chosen in the event that you need to comprehend information dependent on expansive interests or contender Pages.
  • Individuals Connected to Your Page: This alternative guides you to choose your own Facebook Page from every one of the Pages you oversee. This is helpful to understanding your current group of onlookers.
  • A Custom Audience: If you are as of now utilizing Facebook Custom Audiences you can choose a current group of onlookers here. To make a Custom Audience, you’ll need to transfer a rundown of email addresses. Facebook will at that point coordinate those email addresses with client accounts. In the event that you have a ton of client information, this is an actually incredible asset that empowers you to get socioeconomics and practices of individuals you know are now utilizing your image.

All through this guide we will concentrate on the primary choice, anyway it is a similar procedure if you somehow happened to choose ‘Individuals Connected to Your Page’ or ‘Custom Audiences.’

By choosing the ‘Everybody on Facebook’ choice, you will be taken to the screen in the following stage.

Stage 2: Select your fragment’s parameters.

In this progression, you need to put in the distinguishing attributes of your crowd.

As should be obvious, the area default is United States. On the off chance that the group of onlookers you need to take a gander at is U.K.- based (or some other nation), you can change this by composing in the area box and choosing the proper nation.

For the precedents in this post, we will utilize the United Kingdom for our group of onlookers area. By choosing “Joined Kingdom” from that drop-down, it will be added to the rundown.

Yet, on the off chance that you need to expel the United States from your examination, it’s simple. Simply drift over the United States, at that point select the X to expel it from your screen.

You can include the same number of nations as you wish here, or abandon it clear to take a gander at Facebook socioeconomics over the world.

Utilizing this menu on the left-hand side, you would now be able to section your group of onlookers by age, sexual orientation, interests, individuals associated with your Page, and further developed information, for example, conduct, language, training, work, and so on.

The Interests choice is an incredible method to reveal contender or industry data.

You can scan for intrigue bunches here or explicit Pages. It merits referencing that not all Pages will show up here. It for the most part relies upon size of the Page, anyway there is no complete rationale to this, as certain Pages with 20,000 Likes may not show up, while a Page with 2,000 may. The best activity is to have a rundown of Pages and interests, and essentially enter them into this container to check whether they show up.

In the event that the particular Page you need to enter has dabs or different images in the Page name, at that point preclude them when entering the Page.

We should take eBay for instance. We need to search for the gathering of people of the U.K. Page, which is called On the off chance that we enter ebaycouk into this case, you can see it shows up as an alternative to choose.

We have now made a crowd of people of individuals who like and are situated in the U.K.

Stage 3: Explore the information.

Since we have made our group of onlookers of individuals in the U.K. who like, we can start to investigate the information and see increasingly about this gathering of individuals.

There are six tabs accessible inside the device, which spread diverse parts of information accessible. These are:

  • Demographics
  • Page Likes
  • Location
  • Activity
  • Household*
  • Purchase*


The Demographics tab incorporates data on age, sex, way of life (U.S. just), and relationship status, training and occupation title.

Taking a gander at our crowd, we can see that we are taking a gander at a month to month dynamic gathering of people of 1 – 1.5 million individuals, as featured underneath in red, implying that we are taking a gander at a noteworthy pool of information. On the off chance that this month to month dynamic group of onlookers has less than 1,000 individuals, no information will show up here.

We can see from this that 61% of the group of onlookers is female, contrasted with 51% surprisingly in the U.K. on Facebook. We can likewise observe that the greater part of these are in the 25-34 and 35-44 age section. This information is very profitable while making personas and arranging substance to connect with the intended interest group.

All through this procedure you can portion further by tapping on the left-hand menu. For instance, in the event that you needed to simply take a gander at the female fragment of this gathering of people, you can choose this on the menu. This should be possible for these alternatives (age, sexual orientation, and further developed choices including language, relationship status, work title, and so on.).

We can likewise observe the in all likelihood enterprises that an enthusiast of will work in. This is arranged as a matter of course for those that over record contrasted with the normal Facebook group of onlookers, be that as it may in the event that you click ‘Chose Audience’ you can sort this by size of the gathering of people.

This information demonstrates that a fanatic of is well on the way to work in deals, administrator, the board, or creation. This data is priceless while making content showcasing personas, empowering us to assemble an information educated picture regarding our potential gathering of people.

Page Likes

The Page Likes tab is part into two segments.

The primary area subtleties the top classifications of Pages that the chose gathering of people loves alongside the top Pages inside those classifications.

Taking our gathering of people, we can perceive what else they Like on Facebook to assemble an image of their interests and way of life. We can see that there are a great deal of easily recognized name marks in this rundown, including Nurofen, Samsung, Febreze, Tetley Tea, and so on. These are for the most part moderate, with no ‘extravagance’ brands showing up on this rundown.

The second segment plots the particular Pages that this group of onlookers is bound to Like than the normal Facebook client.

For’s situation, this rundown is commanded by moderate family unit brands. You can utilize this information to comprehend the sort of individual who is probably going to Like and what else they are intrigued.

Look at all the Pages on this rundown to perceive what sort of substance your gathering of people likes to get on Facebook.


The third tab accessible is Location. Inside this tab, you can see Top Cities, Top Countries, and Top Languages.

As we as of now have this information separated to just incorporate U.K., the Top Countries tab will just show United Kingdom. The Top Cities tab gives us a thought of where in the U.K. this crowd is based. On the off chance that you have a territorial business, this information will most likely let you know whether your Page (or rivals) is contacting the correct gathering of people.

Once more, this is arranged as a matter of course to the territories that over list contrasted with the Facebook normal. Snap on ‘Chose Audience’ to re-sort by most famous urban areas dependent on volume.

As would be relied upon because of the high populace of the zone, most of this gathering of people is in London. Strikingly, this is 32% not exactly the Facebook normal. Additionally, there is a genuinely even spread crosswise over other major U.K. urban communities for this crowd.


The last tab accessible to us when taking a gander at U.K. Group of onlookers Insights is Activity. This data causes us comprehend the conduct and movement of this group of onlookers on Facebook.

This is part into two segments:

  • Recurrence of Activities: This information indicates client action over the most recent 30 days. Here we can see the normal number of Pages Liked, close by number of commitment (remarks, Likes, shares, advertisement clicks) made over the most recent 30 days.
  • Gadget Users: The kind of gadgets used to get to Facebook, split among portable and work area, and afterward further drill down into the particular gadget.

By taking a gander at recurrence of movement, we can perceive how dynamic this gathering of people is on Facebook. This illuminates us as to if this will be an advantageous stage to target and connect with the crowd.

We can see that the normal fanatic of Likes 45 Facebook Pages. While this demonstrates they are dynamic on this stage, it likewise implies that Page content must emerge to connect because of a ton of rivalry from different Pages in the client’s News Feed.

We can likewise observe that they are more probable than the normal Facebook client to connect with remarks, Likes, offers, and advertisements.

The second information class accessible here is the gadgets utilized by this gathering of people to get to Facebook. There are 2 alternatives ‘All Devices Used’ and ‘Essential Device’. By choosing ‘Essential Device’ we can see whether this group of onlookers are bound to utilize work area or versatile, nearby the sort of gadget.

We can see that ‘iPhone/iPod’ and ‘Android’ are the two most well known here. Strangely, Android use is 35% higher than the normal Facebook client. This data is key while making substance to share through Facebook in that it must be good with these gadgets.

Stage 4: Save your group of onlookers.

In the wake of catching the majority of this information and utilizing it to comprehend your crowd and advise personas and substance thoughts, you can spare this to allude back to, or use to more readily focus on your Facebook promotion crusades.

Basically click on ‘Spare’ at the highest point of the Page and you will be given the alternative to name your crowd. This information would then be able to be found in Power Editor and chose inside your battles. You can likewise utilize the Open choice to one side of spare to get to a recently spared crowd.


The Facebook Audience Insights device gives access to exceptionally significant statistic and conduct information, empowering you to become familiar with your crowd and potential gathering of people, utilizing data they have given themselves to Facebook.

Utilizing this information to focus on your promoting efforts all the more viably, yet additionally to fabricate personas and illuminate content advertising thoughts ought to be an imperative piece of ensuring your system is information educated.